Busy Weekend

Samuel Kimani
May 20, 2022
Blessed be the Name of the Lord
June 6, 2022

Last weekend was unusually busy for Windy Hill. Three of our churches met on the Hill for fellowship, baptisms, and training. B, Miti Mingi, Barut and Ponda Mali. We are so proud of their spiritual growth, dedication to evangelism and the changed lives they are producing. Here is a short update on what’s happening with each of them.

Njoroge and his wife Wangui oversee the Miti Mingi church families. It seems every week they have amazing stories of changes in people’s lives. These changes are partly from their tireless visiting of people’s homes while checking on their growth in Kingdom matters. Discipleship is an all-consuming endeavor, and cannot be done simply by sermons or even bible studies. It requires knowing them in their everyday lives. Yet, the fruit of their labor is restored marriages, personal spiritual growth, and … happy families.

Robert and Hellen oversee the Barut church families. Robert has taught them to how to reach out to their extended family members, neighbors, and even people in their place of employment. Hellen is a local high school teacher and has organized a large group of young women (we started with 40 and now they’ve grown to 120) meeting at least once a month on Sunday mornings for bible enrichment. The church in Barut has significantly helped reduce the number of alcoholics living in their small town. Robert works for us and has witnessed to all the labors working with him. An example of his fervor happened … even this morning. He shared Christ with a woman selling fruit to the laborers working on Mark Moore’s house and he asked her to bring her husband. They came the next morning (today) and after we shared the gospel with him he joyfully received Christ. He will be baptized this weekend.

James and his wife Beatrice oversee the church families in Ponda Mali. Affectionately known as ‘the church under the tree’, this church is primarily made up of ex-drunkards who are now sharing the love of Christ with alcoholics in the Ponda Mali area. Out of 12, all but 4 are no longer daily drinking. This weekend we baptized 3 more men from Ponda Mali whose lives are beginning to reflect the amazing life of Christ.

This Saturday we will gather leaders from many churches helping them to continue leading their church families. Please continue to pray for our disciples and the work of God here in Kenya.