Branded By Christ … The Cowboy Church

Meta-Camp and Seminar
April 6, 2022
Tiffany’s Dedication
April 16, 2022

While I was with Curtis Sargent at the seminar for five days, my wife Cynthia was spending time with our grandchildren at Chris and Renee’s. Among the fun times with the grands, Cynthia was asked to come as a missionary and speak at a Home School group about our work in Kenya. She did so and ended up speaking to four different classes for one hour each. She said the reception and participation were wonderful.

Among those classes was a young boy ten years of age. His name was Scooter and listening attentively was so enthralled he went home and began cleaning the house … doing the dishes and other helpful chores. He then went to his parents and ask if he could do more.

The parents were so impressed they asked him, Scooter … why are you doing this? He replied; “there was a lady that came to our class and told us about the missionary work they were doing in Kenya and I was so impressed I felt I needed to help”. Scooter’s parents were so impressed with his response that they called our daughter Renee and asked if we would come and speak at their church. Scooter’s father was the pastor of that church.

Chris and Renee told us it was a Cowboy Church. Cowboy Church? What’s that? Chris explained that they were mostly ranchers and dressed in cowboy clothes. You know, cowboy shirts, skirts, big leather belts, and riding their horses to gatherings. Wow! We didn’t know what to think, so we were excited, not knowing what to expect.

Upon arriving we were met with such friendly people and the Pastor, Scott, and his wife Charity was passionate about Christ. Cynthia and I spoke about Christ’s work in Kenya for over an hour and people cried. In the end, Scott asked for anyone desiring prayer and twelve people came forward including me. We knelt and bowed down while Scott (with tears) prayed for us. It was spiritually refreshing.

As we said our goodbyes, Scott brought us a substantial monetary gift even though we never once mentioned any of our needs. He also mentioned that he and the church wanted to continue together.

Once again our Father emphasized to never look on the outside of His children but measure them by their hearts. We are looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Scott, Charity, and the … Cowboy Church.

Blessings from the StoneHouse