Beginning May…

James, Joyce, and John
April 25, 2019
Secretaries Meeting
May 10, 2019

We welcomed in the month of May with a lot of grateful smiles. April was a productive month for StoneHouse. We finished the pavilion kitchen’s roof, made significant progress on Wangue and NJeroge’s house addition, took possession of Njeroge’s little girl Hope, who was kidnaped two years ago, and Windy Hill was and is being baptized with a significant amount of rain. Everything is metamorphosing from a dull brown to beautiful shades of green.

We threw in some pics of our growing collection of cacti and succulents on our upstairs porch and their colorful response to the rain. Praise our God… the drought seems to be over and people are happily out in the fields planting their life-sustaining crops.

This week we will share some of the amazing things our Father is doing in our church families. One of the stories involves an attempted lynching, panga (machete) attack and beatings. The most amazing thing of all is the courageous faith exhibited by one of our young men while facing the gang that was attempting to kill him. Stay tuned!