Beauty For Ashes

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November 1, 2017
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November 24, 2017

Beauty for Ashes (Isaiah 61:3)

As Elizabeth sat in shock, over the previous night’s devastation, her brother’s and sisters labored to encourage her, telling her that they would stand with her and that her Heavenly Father would make everything better.

Yet, the devastating fire had claimed every earthly thing, her little family owned.

At that moment, like the smoke of her smoldering possessions all the encouragement seemed to drift away. It was a time of mourning and heaviness.

Yet… it didn’t last long.

The StoneHouse church family immediately begin to take care of all her needs. Funds began to come in from foreign angels, who had heard of her misfortune.

Elizabeth began to believe again, that her and her family would indeed emerge even better, than before before the fire. She began to see and feel the reality of the scripture that says… “All things work to the good of those that love God and are called according to His purpose”. What she couldn’t believe, was that she, an abandoned mother and her children, would ever have a place to call their own. Yet, our Heavenly Father had already begun putting things in motion to give her beauty… for ashes.

Thanks to the help from Heaven’s Family Ministry for abandoned women, the funding for a new house was provided. The workers building the house consisted of her StoneHouse brothers. High up on the banks of the Menengi, an extinct volcano that overlooks Nakuru, a small plot was given to her by the government, for the purpose of building the new house.

Elizabeth ‘broke the ground’ and the house was started.

The view from her house is spectacular, yet getting supplies up to the building site, was a major challenge.

A variety of vehicles were used to transport the supplies.

The nearest ‘road’ was three blocks away and from the site and everything had to carried by hand the remaining distance. Even driving up to within three blocks of the building site was hazardous!

The hole was dug for the choo (toilet). The frame built, then enclosed with iron sheets and a door.

Windows, doors, wood framing, iron sheets … everything was carried up the steep hill.

Finally, our dear sister and her sweet family has a place to live. Blessings to Heaven’s Family and all who helped to make this day possible.