Battle at Solid Rock!

Missionary Fellowship
July 21, 2016
Winnie – Update
July 25, 2016


kuja2We have been battling baboons over our Maze crop for a week now. They come over the Lake Nakuru National Game Park fence and, if not repelled, can decimate your garden. All the small farmers keep watch over their crops this time of year.

One day last week when the baboons began attacking our maze crop, Justice (our caretaker) and Kuja went to defend it. Brave young man and brave dog. A huge alpha male baboon bit Kuja on the face and then ran through our farm with Kuja on his tail.

BaboonThis is what our dog Kuja was fighting! (pic not mine) The next day Kuja’s jaw was swollen and he couldn’t chew his food. We had the vet come out and give him a shot of antibiotics. We hope he fully recovers.

Kuja1kuja3Thankfully, our new female shepherd Penda, stayed on the porch while the fight went on! Never a dull moment in Africa. Please pray for Kuja to have a complete recovery.

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