An Incredibly Encouraging and Challenging Week

CV-19 Support Update!
May 6, 2020
What is Our Father Doing?
June 12, 2020

Greetings and blessings from the StoneHouse Family. It’s been an incredibly encouraging and challenging week. We are covered up in ministry as a result of the CVD-19 virus, and the disastrous flooding (people losing both houses and farms). We are supplying supplemental amounts of food for over 700 people.

The next post will reveal the incredible blessings coming from the pandemic. Yes, blessings… but that’s for the next post coming in a few days.

The little gentleman in the yellow shirt is Derick. He is one of our favorite little guys in the church family of Miti Mingi. Three days ago he accidentally smashed his little finger and almost ripped the entire fingernail off. Three days later, he and his brother showed up with little muddied feet at our door and the StoneHouse Emergency Room opened up. Ann and Haviylah attending. After removing the nail and applying the appropriate bandages, each little happy boy were given a zucchini bread muffin and went on their way rejoicing.

In the midst of these things, we received word from our Piavii church family that one of our teenagers named Susan had contracted gangrene in both feet as a result of an injury that went without treatment for way too long. Being a diabetic contributed to her dire state. Her parents had refused to take her to the doctor as a result of religious beliefs (neither are members of StoneHouse). We sent her to the hospital that day and now the doctors are saying both feet must be amputated.

Please pray for Susan as she is understandably resisting the operation, not accepting the terrible and possibly fatal consequences that not addressing the situation will surely come. Pray for us here in the StoneHouse as rain is not the only thing that’s been flooding.

Blessings from the StoneHouse family.