American Trip Update…

Greetings From America!
September 23, 2013
America Trip Part 2
November 21, 2013
We wanted to update everyone on what’s been happening during our exciting visit to the States. It has been sooo wonderful! From the 2013 Ingathering at Rose Creek Village to the last few days of visiting with many of our children and grandchildren. So we have decided to do a three part series describing the trip.

First of all… the ‘Ingathering’ is an annual three day celebration of God’s Life that we do in Rose Creek Village. This year’s Ingathering planners designed our time together to be easy going and intimate and they succeeded in accomplishing both. 

There was still plenty of what makes the Ingathering so much fun but lots of time for one on one fellowship as well.

Preceding the Ingathering there is a ‘Great Feast in the Field’ for all the people in surrounding towns that order food from our organic gardens.

There were visits from storytellers to the houses…

There was the traditional gathering together at the sound of the ram horns that first evening.

Then following the horse riders up to the fire altar to the top of our highest hill while all of us holding on to long ribbons symbolizing our unity.

There for two amazing hours we praised our God and blessed His name for who He is and the many wonderful blessings shown to us over the past year. The Milky Way was completely visible and the stars twinkled as we united with our Father and each other.

Later that night we heard reports from our brethren who are demonstrating Life in the Kingdom of God in Mexico, the United States and Africa.

The next morning there was a tasty pancake breakfast at the tent, followed by the ‘Children’s Walk’. This is a time where all the children walk together to pre-appointed places on the land where the adults stage ‘living pictures’ at different locations.

This year there were four stations for the kids and my wife and I got to be the first station representing the biblical characters Anna and Simon who had just seen baby Jesus. It was a lot of fun. We told the story of the birth and dedication of Messiah.
This was followed by three more ‘stations’ imparting spiritual pictures concerning our faith.

 Our brother Doug explained Christ death on a cross and concurrent resurrection.

 Jeremiah and Faith explained about the veil that lies between us and all our brothers and sisters who have already arrived in heaven. It was awesome.

The last station was given by Shammah our beloved teacher. It consisted of picturing the great race set before us to arrive in heaven with honor and glory for Christ. The children got to race all the way to our big meeting tent to be received by the ‘Angels’.

Then there was more dancing…

And singing…

And eating… that afternoon we feasted on scrumptious hamburgers, mouth-watering hot dogs and more of the wonderful fellowship with the Saints.

The dancing continued in the tent that night…

Along with more singing, rejoicing and sharing at what was happening among our people. Then we broke bread together, remembering Christ’s death and the cause of our life together …. His resurrection. It was awesome. Communion was followed by fellowship around warm campfires.

Sunday morning we came back together again around Ida’s world famous donuts and coffee followed by baptisms in the tent. This had to be my most favorite thing that happened.

We baptized seven people that joyous Sunday morning. Among the candidates were a …

Prodigal Son come home…

An eighty-nine year old teenager …
Who can tell of the wonderment one feels while watching human beings transformed in the waters of Life.

Our last event was a huge dance together symbolizing the love and unity our beloved Father has given us. Wow!

All in all it was the final act of love from God in a most wonderful celebration of God’s life during the Ingathering of 2013.

Next week  … Part 2 of our American Trip Update… Sharing with new friends about what’s happening in Africa.