Amazing Days

A Glorious Day
December 8, 2019
The Glorious Wedding
December 21, 2019

The last week and a half was amazing. Our best friends, Gideon and Faith from the United States and a wonderful new friend, Waneta from Montana were able to taste the wonders of Africa. We visited our churches, ate with various Kenyan friends, and ministered everywhere we went. We will be posting our adventures over the next couple of weeks but wanted this post to focus on the last four days they were here.

We crossed the equator which is only forty-five minutes from our house on the way to beautiful Lake Baringo. This lake is known for their incredible bird populations. Some of the most astounding and unique birds in the world call it their home. The lake also boasts of hippos and a large crocodile population.

Baringo lake has seven islands one of which is home to giraffes who were orphaned in the wild. We were able to get very, close to these stately and huge creatures. While there we met a ‘friendly’ warthog which is amazing because warthogs are not ever friendly.

All our beloved friends also got a taste of the intense equatorial sun. We were only exposed for about an hour and all of them burnt.

Our Creator, on the last morning, sent a gang of little monkeys to share breakfast with us. It was so much fun letting them ‘steal’ pieces of our meal. The pictures tell the story. We returned to Windy Hill and a beautiful moon rising.

Well, coming up next will be stories of three days there would be a youth camp, a large celebration of our StoneHouse life together, and finally a beautiful and spiritual wedding. Stay tuned.

Blessings from the StoneHouse Family!