Accidental Drowning

January 28, 2021
An Amazing Story of God’s Wisdom and Grace
February 9, 2021

First of all, we want to give thanks to all who have been faithfully praying for Cynthia and me to recover from the Covid virus … we are doing much, much better. After two and a half weeks of quarantining ourselves, we are almost fully recovered.

Secondly, we need your prayers on another matter. Recently (four days ago) one of our members lost her nineteen-year-old son due to accidental drowning in the flooded area of lake Nakuru within sight of our house.

Unfortunately, he had rejected the gospel and became a gang member of a dangerous group of drug users and thugs. When his body was finally located, the gang tried to steal his body and refused the family to take possession until the police came and secured the situation. This gang is known for killing people who disagree with them and they are now threatening anyone who goes to the funeral. We have been warned by local authorities they will probably show up at the funeral to cause trouble.

We have been asked to speak at the funeral but (as usual) complications have arisen. Funerals, at best, here are troublesome for those who want to walk in the reality of Christ. Cultural, tribal, and religious traditions take precedent over the clear commands of Christ. Unreality prevails at the sacrifice of truth. We will be expected to overlook this young man’s decadent life and complete public refusal of following Christ for the sake of looking compassionate. We cannot do that.

We have been asked if other pastors who we know live compromised lives, can ‘unite’ with us at the funeral. We cannot do that.

So, be in prayer that we can stand strong, be different and compassionately proclaim the Kingdom in all we do. Pray for the mother of this man, who during this time of grief, needs the comfort of the Holy Spirit and not the solace of unreality.