Acacia trees blooming

Sitting in a Circle
August 3, 2016
Stonehouse Evolution
August 5, 2016

13934996_721705997971884_1855944119979235982_nIt’s been an acacia tree blooming, lizard looking, flower popping, herb garden growing, kitchen crafting, downstairs ceiling concluding, upstairs showing kind of week! Things are going well… due to a loving heavenly Father helping us out.


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Prayer requests are as follows…
David, one of our workers, has really hurt his back and needs healing.
Guidance for our primary school, StoneHouse Academy.
That our Father would send us more workers.

And finally …Next week is the beginning of our third StoneHouse missionary journey. We will be establishing and visiting our new church in Eldoret, meeting with a group in Bugoma asking us to work with them and then traveling to Madeya to baptize 20 to 25 people in the Madeya church. We will also be taking members from Keptembwa, Engasura, Nakuru and Kamwahua StoneHouse churches, to build a meeting hall in Madeya. Please start praying for a safe and successful trip.

Much love … The StoneHouse Family