A wonderful … ‘Good Friday’.

March 30, 2020
StoneHouse Ministries Newsletter Jan – Mar 2020
April 19, 2020

Yesterday, on what is celebrated around the world as ‘Good Friday’… an amazing example of what ‘Good Friday’ means was celebrated on Windy Hill Christian Community. Christ was crucified that we might have free access to the Water of Life. The disciples of Windy Hill were able to begin our ‘Waters of Life’ ministry, distributing life-giving, clean, fresh water to our church members and some of the entire community we live in. Let me explain.

At 10:00 a.m. this morning, almost three hundred people in dire need of drinking water began to gather at our front gate. In our area, there is no access to good, clean water. The only place descent drinking water can be obtained is no less than two miles away. The only other options are salty, excessively fluoridated, unclean water from shallow wells. Seeing that all water is hand-carried to homes by women and children in five-gallon containers. This is no small task.

Yet, today these same people came to Windy Hill Christian Community to get water … free of cost. StoneHouse Ministries International with the help and funding of ‘Heaven’s Family Ministry’ were able to supply almost three hundred Kenyans with fresh, good tasting water. Our staff members David and James, while sharing Christ with everyone present, served both the Water of Life and water for life.

We are also keeping good records concerning those in whom we supply water. Family names, the number of family members and how much water is taken. This ensures the water will be used by the families participating and not sold elsewhere.

We brought four people in at a time and supplied soap and water to wash their hands for the COVID-19 virus governmental mandates and a large bar of soap to take home. We will do this every Tuesday and Friday mornings at ten a.m., bringing blessings to all our friends. Today was our first day.

Continue to pray for SMI that we would be able to advance the Kingdom of the Beloved Son.