A Walk with Margret

Ruben’s New Leg
August 22, 2019
Leah’s Homecoming
September 10, 2019

The last two weeks of August disappeared in a whirling cloud of dust. It was a whirlwind of things that had to be done right away.

Like renewing my work permit (requiring multiple trips to Nairobi visiting various and sundry government offices), shopping for a vehicle that would actually travel from point A to point B void of consistent breakdowns and fitting our budget, dealing with churches reluctant to return to biblical precedent, and pastors who were afraid to initiate changes that would allow members to forsake carnal religious traditions, helping our LEARN students start their last term of the year and other various projects in Windy Hill moving forward.

Adrenals depleted, eyes crossed, body dragging, losing my sense of humor, along with my patience and memory. Is this what it means to grow old?

On the other hand… we get to see our amazing Father move among his children, which makes it worth the constant ever-present hassles that come with living in Kenya.

Like seeing Margret and her 100+-year-old mother’s house coming up. Their old house was deteriorating around them… literally. But thanks to ‘Heaven’s Family Ministry’ and the rest of God’s family in Nakuru… their new house will soon be completed.

Take a pictorial walk with Margret and see for yourself.