A Very Sad Day

What is Our Father Doing?
June 12, 2020
June 28, 2020

Three days ago, we received word that our beloved brother and friend had unexpectedly died. HIs name is David. David has been with us for sometime and proved his discipleship and his excellent work ethic. David loved and supported his family. Although struggling with several health issues David continued to serve and help us forward with the Miti Mingi church family and the extensive work of creating Windy Hill Christian Community. He was a brother, co-worker in the ministry and a friend. David will be sorely missed.

David is survived by his wife Janet, and three children, all of which are solid members of the Miti Mingi StoneHouse Fellowship. We are helping them through this difficult time and with the funeral arrangements. Yet, that last part has been a veritable spiritual and cultural battle.

First of all, know that this natural family has never helped David or his family since we have known him. Not once.

When his family showed up at our planning meeting they began telling us what they wanted us to do and to finance their plans. That did not go over well. In opposition to David and Janet’s previously expressed wishes for him to be buried here in Nakuru, they wanted to take his body and be buried in Kitali.

Kenya’s tribal funeral traditions are mostly horrible and decidedly against Christ. For example … they wanted Janet to come to Kitali and sleep in a bed next to her dead husband before the burial (at that time he would have been dead for six or seven days). They then said they would take Janet’s newborn son to live with them in Kitali. She then was instructed to marry the brother of David who she doesn’t even know. All this while claiming to be followers of Christ.

Janet, her father and the members of the Miti Mingi fellowship said … absolutely not. We, SMI, also took a stand saying we could not financially support any of these things.

Two of our staff spent two days, trying to no avail, to help them understand why we cannot support tribal traditions instead of Christ. In the end Janet and the church agreed to let them take David’s body to be buried in Kitali for the sake of peace, but Janet and the children would stay here. (Let the dead … bury the dead).

Pray for us, as we stand together, with one heart, one mind and one intent, to bring the Light to this incredible darkness. Please pray for Janet, her family, and the Miti Mingi church.