A Pearl of Great Value

June 14, 2021
Margret’s Burial
September 14, 2021

The Hebrew meaning of the name Margret is a pearl… and we have lost (for a while) one of our most precious pearls… Margret.

We met Margret in a small municipality outside of Nakuru called Engasura. She lived on a small farm, in a small mud house as a widow with her very old mother and many other relatives. Yet, from the beginning, she was revealed to us as a precious smiling treasure.

She was one of the most giving, caring sincere disciples we have ever met. As a result of her life on that small farm, there is at present, a living church gathering, a place for orphans and other widows, a source of food for the hungry, a place of comfort to the struggling and while she was with us, an exclusive opportunity for anyone to see one of the most joyful smiles anywhere.

Three weeks ago, Margret lost one of her daughters to a heart problem and we suspect that it broke Margret’s heart as well. Losing a child can devastate your health. Cynthia and I remember the debilitating pain that comes at the loss of the physical presence of a child. Yet, Margret didn’t grieve like the world grieves because she knew where her child now lives. It was not the broken heart that took her, it was simply Him, who called her home.

The burial is this Saturday and we request prayer for the Holy Spirit to make known through His people, the glorious Hope that lives within us to all those who attend.

Above all, that is what Margret would have wanted. Dearest Margret, we can’t wait to see your glorious smile again, and may our lives follow your great example.