A New Well

Leah’s Homecoming
September 10, 2019
September 26, 2019

Stop Praying and Begin Praising!

For all of you that have been faithfully praying about us drilling a borehole… you can stop praying and start praising. The Lord has answered in His usual jaw-dropping way! Let me elaborate.

The communities we live in, Barut and Miti Mingi, are known for their poor and salty supply of water. This results in ruined crops, water-borne diseases and in women having to walk 1or 2 miles drinkable water. Most women carry the 10-gallon jugs of water on their heads. If they hire someone on a bike or piki to deliver to their houses, it will cost them 20 shillings per load. But… no more.

When ‘Heaven’s Family Ministry ‘heard about our desire to help the community, they said they could help. So with their funding and guidance, we began believing something wonderful was going to happen.

In faith, we have been working for the past two weeks on a huge 200,000-liter tank to accommodate what we hoped would be decent water for Windy Hill and the entire community we live in. Thursday, the drilling truck showed up in the morning and set up their equipment and everyone held their breath.

We had been warned that the drilling might take a week and were told we might be disappointed with the results. So we had everyone, both here and in America pray. Friday they began to drill … and the results were anything but disappointing.

Two hours after starting, they not only hit the water they hit an underground river. They said the cavern in which the river ran through was over a hundred feet high. The water came out with such force that it sprayed everyone. Even the neighbors who had come to see. The water was sweet, no salt and seemingly a boundless amount.

When the first big drilling rig left, hours later they brought in another truck to check the water flow and amount. The flow continued from a two-inch pipe with crystal clear water for 24 hours straight. Many of our neighbors along with the staff of Windy Hill gave thanks to the One who always watches over us. Bless the Lord.