A New Set of Wheels

Sisters Teaching Sisters
February 2, 2019
Joyce and Lillian
February 10, 2019

Sometimes… we get to do things… that totally rejuvenate us. Like bringing a centurion, a new set of wheels. Like Leah, Margret’s mother.

Leah hadn’t left her room in 5 months except to go to the bathroom, which requires outside help. Leah and Margret live in the same small mud house and Margret is a member of our Engasura StoneHouse Church family. Leah is over a hundred years old and her health is deteriorating like the small mud house she lives in.

Their little mud house is literally falling down around them and is another project we want to work on this coming year. Anyone wanting to help us build them that house… contact us. <[email protected]>

Margret is the woman who gave us a plot of land to build the Engasura Family a gathering place and is also getting on in years. She can no longer pick her mother up to take her outside. This further contributes to Leah’s deteriorating condition. Think… no sunshine and no fresh air. But, then there’s our Father!

Through some dear Mennonite missionary friends of ours and Christian Aid Ministries, the ministry they work with, we were able to purchase Leah a new set of wheels. Margret cried when she saw Leah’s shiny new wheels. Lea cried when she felt the sunshine on her face.

Later, other members of the family came over and gave Lea a ride. Five minutes after that, we couldn’t find Lea or her great granddaughter… they had disappeared! We waited ten more minutes and they never returned. We all rejoiced together at Leah’s new found freedom.

Bless our heavenly Father, His mennonite missionaries, Luke, Jamila and Christian Aid Ministries.