A New Day is Dawning

Shake Off The Dust!
June 2, 2019
The Fire is Lit!
June 18, 2019

We are in the process of what we believe to be a major directional change within our churches. What I can say without hesitation is… that at least four of our churches are spiritually changing and it has supercharged the disciples involved.

There will be a seminar this Saturday explaining what’s happening. We are calling the seminar ‘Reconsidering Ministry’. The truths being revealed will not be new to everyone but are revolutionary to disciples here in Nakuru Kenya. All teachings are biblically sound, easy to see and verify.

Here are the opening statements…

“The first thing modern disciples must consider in reproducing their faith is that their faith has been hijacked by religious professionals. Religious professionals through cultural traditions conditioned Christians to believe they (the professionally trained) alone are qualified to serve in the work of the ministry. That cannot be biblically justified

Somewhere the simple faith once delivered to simple people, has become so complicated… it appears to the average disciple insurmountable to reproduce. Yet, upon examining authentic biblical precedent, it is easy to see how simple it can be. Here’s what’s true…

You do not need a degree from seminary to lead people to Christ. You do not need a building, a plot of land or a denominational backing to start a church. You do not need professionally trained preachers to conduct Sunday morning gatherings, serve communion, baptize people, cast out devils, heal the sick or even train disciples in righteousness.

Our Father wants to give life to everyone, and He uses simple people to do it. Leading people to Christ, making and training them as disciples and even creating a church family for them to grow into, is the work of simple people with simple faith… that is… if they follow biblical precedent.”

It is past time for disciples to rise up and do the work of the ministry. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit during this seminar.