A Glorious Day

The Gumboot God
November 21, 2019
Amazing Days
December 17, 2019

We visited two of our churches with Gideon, Faith, and Waneta, our friends from America. It was a glorious time. Both the churches in Miti Mingi and Barut revealed the precious heart that our Father is forming in them. Miti Mingi was overflowing with children’s praises and testimonies of God’s goodness.

The church in Barut was nothing short of pure excitement. Everyone participated and gave what they had. Men testified of the glory being revealed to them. All of them fell in love with their new wazungu (white folks) brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is hard to describe the wondrous feelings that come when we see the progress of a church functioning under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Their spiritual maturity is growing exponentially. Gideon’s and Faith’s response was, the whole day was astounding.

Blessings … from the StoneHouse Family