A Blessed Wedding!

February 11, 2016
The Fashion Show
March 9, 2016
A Blessed Wedding!
Last Saturday, we had our first StoneHouse wedding and it was incredible! Our church family came together to bless and unite our dear Rose and Geoffrey.
Although they have known each other for quite some time, three weeks ago Rose and Geoffrey surrendered their lives to our King and were baptised into HIs Kingdom. The couple’s desire was to begin their life together as disciples of Christ. For all of the StoneHouse family… their baptism was the beginning of their wedding.


There was a lot of preparation for this celebration preceding their baptism. The entire Nakuru StoneHouse family has been deeply involved with every detail. The bridesmaid’s dresses were made by Wangoe, the manager of StoneHouse Sewing centre.
The best men’s and boy’s suits were made by Richard, the StoneHouse sewing center’s teacher. Both were assisted by the center’s students.
My dear wife Cynthia made Rose’s wedding dress. All these labors of love involved many, many weeks of tireless work. Countless people worked diligently on every detail of the event.
When the day of celebration finally arrived, there were over 350 people attending. Even our neighbors joined in on the fun.



There were people dressed in traditional African attire, the man in blue is the father of the groom.
The were people dressed in contemporary attire, like Vincent, his wife Mary.


 And then there were people with no attire at all!
It began with the parents of the groom ‘fetching’ the bride from our apartment in the morning.
As everyone’s eyes looked up to get a look at the beautiful bride… the drums began to beat and people began dancing up the stairs and then down again with the bride.
Sheets of cloth were placed in front of her so her feet never touched the ground till she entered the Nakuru church gathering place.
She was a beautiful bride…



Then we loaded into the Matatoos (public transportation) and headed for the church gathering place.
When we arrived at the gathering place, the procession began with the parents entering first,

The groom and his Shepherd…

The bride maids and little children…


The best men danced the bridesmaids to their seats.
James and I began with preaching the Kingdom of God to everyone present and explained the commands of our King for marriage to the groom and his bride.


The pastors of each StoneHouse church spoke blessings over the couple…


Rings were exchanged…


And the official documents were signed.
Afterwards, the entire wedding party drove out to Solid Rock and had a great photoshoot. It was a great ending to a great day.




Thank you Father for such a wonderful visitation of your Spirit in the uniting of this precious couple.

 I have never been more proud of these people of God.

Pray for this young couple as they begin their walk together in the Kingdom of God.

Much blessings … the StoneHouse Family.