Small Business Training Seminar

Last term of the year 2015
September 19, 2015
Medical needs
November 19, 2015
We thought the first SBTS (small business training seminar) was amazing and it was… but the second one was over the top! Heaven’s Family  team…Daniel and Terry O’connell were awesome.
This is my favourite picture out of all the hundreds I took during the two at seminars. 
All of us were very tired from the preparation and follow up from the first seminar and Micro Bankers training session, we had to keep waking each other up at the beginning of the second. James felt like he hadn’t slept in a week. 


Registration began early Tuesday morning for the second seminar and people kept coming… and coming, and coming. The first seminar on Friday and Saturday brought 125 people eager to learn. This next one on Tuesday and Wednesday brought almost a 160. 


Between Dan’s smile, Terry’s compassionate heart and the StoneHouse Family’s hospitality, everyone felt very welcomed when they arrived. 


We began with singing/sharing and were especially blessed by our friends from the Masai Mara. Simon and his team are from the Masai tribe and were representing the ministry of Debora Deren and Threads of Hope. 



Then the O’connells got down to some serious teaching concerning concerning how to manage … Kingdom businesses. 



The 2 day long concentrated training, consisted in hearing a lot of business wisdom, participating in interaction between teacher and students, and a focus on becoming a competent disciple of Christ in the business field. 



Around 1:30 we broke for an hour long lunch and fellowship. Good food!


The delicious smells of our scrumptious lunch drew many hungry street children, as well as our impoverished neighbourhood children. 

So… much to their delight … we invited them in and fed them. 

There’s not a better feeling in the world than getting feeding the ‘least of these’… especially if they are children.

That afternoon Dan and Terry concluded the training session by awarding everyone who attended the entire seminar with a certificate of completion. This qualifies them for a possible loan and further training. All of our churches had members graduate. Thank you Heaven’s Family! 

This last picture of James that afternoon describes how we all felt when we finished.

Our concept of the church is, that every aspect of human life needs to be redeemed. Business is just another part of a Christian disciple’s experience. Pray for us as we seek to bring the members of Christ’s family into more of the fulness available to them in the Kingdom of God.

Much love … the StoneHouse Family.