2022 has begun with healing and favor from our King!

Kioni’s Home Church
October 14, 2021
Kibera … a place to find treasure in heaven …
February 1, 2022

Cynthia is up and growing stronger each day. Grace and thanksgiving to all who prayed for her to recovery. Her recent sickness was among the top two times I witnessed such a painful and long illness afflicting her in 35 years of marriage yet, as always, the One who loves us most … is faithful.

Last weekend we visited our beloved girls at Tumaini high school and they cannot wait to come back and visit us at Windy Hill. We recently baptized 12 of them and they are now saying there are more girls ready to enter the waters of Life. We started teaching 40 girls and now there are 80.

From there we went to our church in Ponda Mali (affectionately called ‘the church under the tree) and ministered to the brothers and sisters there. They recently lost a brother to sickness and needed that encouragement.

We told them we had just come a few hours previously from Tumaini High School helping youth to learn to give their futures to Christ and we wanted to encourage them (the Ponda Mali church is mostly older brothers and sisters) to give their past to Christ. They have been through a lot and now that they are born again, they should give their past to Him and let Him begin to use it. Christ has not only redeemed their future and present but has also redeemed their past.

Their past bondage to sin in their former life can be transformed into powerful testimonies allowing Christ to free their neighbors and friends. I told them not to walk in shame but hold their heads up high and boast what Christ has done for them. Old things have passed away … behold … new things have come. They literally cheered. Bless and praise our King!

Lastly, we are almost finished with (the stone covering the blocks) on the dorm. Next is purchasing the bunk beds and painting the inside of the second story. We hope to be completed at the end of February for the seminar on Farming God’s Way. Please keep this in your prayers.