2021 American Trip

Conference, Tumaini, Baptisms
March 9, 2021
Adventures in traveling home to Kenya!
May 14, 2021

2021 American TripWow! We spent two days in Nairobi jumping through the Covid hoops but finally boarded the plane to the U. S. . Thanks to your prayers and our Father’s boundless grace we arrived safely in America … and with all our luggage as well! The fifteen-hour flight to New York was a bit tiring and as soon as we arrived we grabbed a taxi to La Guardia airport for the flight to Washington D.C., then on to Orlando. Needless to say, we were exhausted when we were picked up by Brenda and her daughter Heather.

We spent the next week visiting friends and Cynthia’s family while eating all the foods we so missed in Kenya (I think I’ve gained five pounds already). The next week we traveled to Cocoa Beach to see our son Caleb, his daughter Sarah, our daughter Hannah Jerusha and her four wonderful grandchildren Blue, Cedar, Luna, and Ryland. We have missed them all so very much and had a blast at the beach. The next morning we had breakfast together at ‘Cracker Barrel’ … the best breakfast anywhere. It was hard saying goodbye.

Wednesday we leave Orlando and fly to Birmingham Alabama, after a layover in Houston, for two weeks with our Renee and Chris and more of the lovely grands. Keep praying … it’s already been amazing.

David and Cynthia