2020 Update April-September Part 1

Men at Work
Men at Work!
October 13, 2020
2020 Update April-September Part 2
October 19, 2020

Blessings from StoneHouse Kenya! Here is a pictorial update on what’s been happening over the past six months in StoneHouse Ministries International – Kenya. It has been one wild ride and filled with both exciting and tragic events. This is not the full story but gives a partial picture of what we have been doing so far this year. So sit back and get ready for … one wild ride.

With the torrential rain we’ve been having, everything grew like crazy. Crops, trees and flowers have put on quite a show. Yet, it also brought some very hard times for a lot of people. Flooding was off the scale and brought some permanent changes to life in our area. Many people have lost their homes and farms resulting in widespread hunger, loss of income and even their lives.

Two young men lost their lives trying to swim during the flooding. It took all day long probing to find their bodies.

SMI, through our churches and partnering ministries, have been feeding hundreds and providing clean drinking water. We thank God for ‘Heaven’s Family Ministry providing us with a well. Many of you know that there was no safe drinking water in our area. Yet, by the grace of God we found, on our property, an underground river of pure clean drinking water. We opened our gates to many, many grateful neighbors.

In like manner, we were able to provide food for these desperate people. The four families of Windy Hill Christian Community sprang into action and for months provided food for those who had none. We were also enabled to send food to our churches in Eldoret, Namanga, Njoro, Engasura, Elbargon and Rigogo villages.