2017 Kamagut Leaders Conference

May 8, 2017
Maasai Mara Baptisms
June 1, 2017

2017 Kamagut Leaders Conference

Our Trip to Kamagut/Eldoret
Sometimes… it seems that my car doesn’t like me. I know that’s not true, but our adversary is always active in our Apostolic Journeys. Thanks to the love of a brother our car’s engine was in tip top shape. Yet, the engine’s cooling system wasn’t. We ‘boiled over three times. First time we broke down, we took the thermostat out of the engine… and yes… that bright green liquid is our coolant.

We started up the mountain again and … it boiled over again.

We went back down the mountain and adjusted the fan to spin with the engine …

Started up the hill again… and the same thing happened… it boiled over again.

So we stopped at the top of the mountain and ate a goat lunch. We then called our mechanic in Nakuru, who said he would come to us right away (a one hour drive) and bring another radiator. He came … and alas… the radiator he brought wouldn’t fit, so he said …”Just take my car, and I’ll drive your’s back to Nakuru and fix it”. Wow… thank you Jesus. His car was a newer mini van and we were so grateful that we could continue to Kamagut.

When we finally arrived in Kamagut and Richards farm, we were so excited, that some of the welcomers were a little shocked at our behavior.

We were greeted by Richard and his wonderful wife Beatrice and were treated to some outstanding Kenyan food.

Early the next morning we began teaching. James taught almost as much as I did and made me proud of the progress he has made in becoming a true disciple.

We taught for two days and answered many hard questions and had many lively discussions. These men and women are hungry for the truth, as the scriptures reveal it.

After teachings, there was plenty of time for one on one fellowship. And that.. was as sweet as it gets.

Visiting Elizabeth’s rabbit farm

James played with the kids…

And as usual, the kitchen was a major place of communication…

Finally the teaching ended and a great grandmother spoke blessings over us.

We spoke our farewells, planned our next meeting and took some pictures.

Driving home we blessed our King for His bringing us together and thanked Him for the safe journey home. By the way, we got our car back and its in the best condition ever.

Pray for us as we labor to advance the Kingdom and bring His family together.