2016 July Update

Keptembwa is Growing
July 26, 2016
Sitting in a Circle
August 3, 2016

July has been a good month… filled with challenges, victories and a lot of joy!

The bathroom picture is in commemoration of the week we spent without water and had to take bucket baths all last week. (The water came on this morning)

The picture of the dog is our new little lady called Penda, (kiswahile for love) who we all have fallen in love with… especially our german shepherd Kuja.

We are almost finished with the downstairs ceiling and ready to seal up the downstairs so we can move into the upstairs.

The pictures of the bug are because… well… he was very entertaining.

And last but, certainly not least … because of a wonderful young man, half way around the world, named Austin Park, who loved God enough to help us help a little girl who needed a wheelchair! Little Winnie and her mother’s life will be a little easier because of Austin’s compassion. Bless you Austin!

Great ending to a great month. Much love from … the StoneHouse Family