2016 Apostolic Journey Part 3

2016 Apostolic Journey Part 2
August 16, 2016
Joy in Madeya
August 26, 2016

The Roof

As I previously stated… we had no idea the challenges we would encounter when building the Madeyan meeting place. Our team from Nakuru arrived Thursday morning, to find out that you can’t get wood in Madeya, like you can in Nakuru and when you do find it … its twice as expensive.

Oh, well. Although… when James, Njeroge, Haviylah and I, arrived Friday evening, we did find out that the team from Nakuru, had done extremely well with the little they had. These men left their homes, jobs, families and friends to travel all day Thursday, in order to build a shelter for our Madeyan brothers and sisters… for free. They were not about to be stopped by a few troublesome details.

Saturday morning, while the ladies prepared Chai (Kenyan tea) for the workers… the men gathered together and sacrificially came up with the needed funds, to purchase forty small trees. After cutting them down, we had to drag them one third of a mile to the building site. There would be nothing but elbows and axel grease all day long. Being almost 70, my part was mostly supervision, as I can no longer take the African heat so well.

By five o’clock that afternoon, after a hard and hot days work, a sudden storm came up and shut us down. We wondered … what now? We still had at least three hours of work left. Tomorrow is Sunday and we only had half the roof up. Our brothers have no place to gather!

So… six am Sunday morning, the Nakuru crew got out of bed, put their work cloths back on … and finished the roof! Because of the rain the previous night, we had to drive a mile and a half on roads that had become mud pits and rescue our fellow workers. Even after engaging the car’s four wheel drive, we almost didn’t make it. I love these men! They are true shepherds and responsible men of the StoneHouse Family.

Needless to say, that morning we praised our heavenly Father. After dedicating the roof, we prepared ourselves to be used by Him to remove eighteen people out of the Kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of the Beloved Son. All of which publicly renounced Satan and his world, and pledging to become disciples of King Jesus!

Next post… Watch eighteen people leave this world and be joined to the Body of Christ through baptism in Madeya! This … was our main purpose in coming to Madeya!