2016 Apostolic Journey Part 1

Stonehouse Evolution
August 5, 2016
2016 Apostolic Journey Part 2
August 16, 2016

Return to Eldoret

IMG_5067Sunday night we safely returned from West Kenya. Some of you will remember our last A.S.A (African Shepherd Alliance) conference in Nakuru, in which a certain man named Richard was so touched by the teaching … he deeded over an acre of his shamba (farm) to StoneHouse Ministry.

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The first part of our apostolic journey was to return to Eldoret and stay with Richard, his wife Beatrice and their wonderful family. Richard is a spiritual man who desires the highest and best for God’s children. He is very excited about joining other like minded people to advance the Kingdom of God.



When we arrived at Richard’s house were welcomed like old familiar family members. The kids were all excited and so was everyone present.



We were also met with two other shepherds, who very much desire to join the StoneHouse family. They are Francis Ngugi from Mugumoini Kenya and Jonathan Chepkwony from Kirsombe Tarakwa Kenya. Don’t worry about the pronunciation of their Kenyan names because, I’m still learning to pronounce them.

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After a big lunch that was served up with plenty of love and fellowship, we gathered together to share the gospel of the Kingdom.


Our second time speaking to their people, concerning the heavenly King and His Kingdom, brought immediate and amazing results. During our short time together, we became family and most everyone present acknowledged their desire to start being discipled. Eldoret will now become our ministry center for Western Kenya.

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As my wife Cynthia, began to speak about the new winds beginning to blow in Eldoret… a sudden storm appeared shaking the roof and blowing out the power. No one was bothered and everyone continued to sing praises, for thirty more minutes in the dark. It was great.

IMG_5592 IMG_5628 IMG_5630

We slept well that night as the storm raged and woke up the next morning ready to travel to our church family in Madeya. Richard, Nguge and Jonathan said they wished to travel with us and strengthen the saints in Madeya.

There would be some battles to fight, but our King cleared the path, enabling us to reveal the great love we have for our Madeyan brethren. But that’s all in the next post… Part 2.