Medical and Welfare

Knowing that our King took care of people both spiritually and physically, we have a real burden to help the infirm and needy. We want to not only care for their souls, but take care of them physically as well. As a result, we do conferences during the year on nutrition, health, and natural holistic remedies.

We also partner with different local hospitals and health organizations to put on free clinics in the slums of Ponda Mali, Ronda, Keptembwa and Kamwaura. Our clinic last year at StoneHouse Academy in Ponda Mali treated over 200 infirm people, some of whom had critical life and death issues.

Medical care in Kenya can be obtained at a comparatively low cost, but even so many cannot afford to pay. Even if they can pay, many are misdiagnosed. We would like to offer you the opportunity to help us help them. Giving in this manner affords us the opportunity to show the life changing love of our King.

Currently we have an ongoing need for a girl named Winnie Adhiambo.

Winnie is a 4 year old girl born with scoliosis – curvature of the spine. She has never been able to stand or walk because of the lack of support from her spine. She also has club feet. Winnie has had physical therapy for the past 2 years, but without much improvement. Recently she was fitted for braces for her back and feet, and is able to stand with help for the first time.

For now her handicap prevents her from being able to go to school.
Please take a moment to view her individual page and ask God what he would have you do to help this girl. We appreciate anything you might be able to do.


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